My Published Projects

Stralizer (Strava Visualizer)

Combines Strava activity with photo to create great looking design workout memories. Add customized graphic overlays like laps pace, map, route, elevation chart and activity summaries. Perfect way to share your achievements with friends, family, and the others in social media. It’s FREE!

ViRun Pod (Virtual Running Pod)

Transform your smartphone as a running speed and cadence sensor. It will simulates running/walking data measurements and sends them over the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Running Speed and Cadence Service to fitness applications like Zwift, etc.

Palapa Web Server

Lighttpd + PHP + MySQL + MSMTP for Android, my first Android application. The popular PHP development package for Android that can be launched in one touch, a suite of web developer and far better than other Server packages. It’s turn your Android devices into a web and database server.