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StralizerStralizer aka Strava Visualizer is a superb and the most widely used activity/workout/sport visualizer software owing to its huge list of features. Its combines Strava activity with photo to create great looking design workout memories. Add customized graphic overlays like laps pace, map, route, elevation chart and activity summaries. Perfect way to share your achievements with friends, family, and the others in social media.

Why Stralizer?

Pretty easy to design Strava activity visualizer with a lots of feature, lets you create just about anything you can imagine, and completely free of charge.

Is It Free?

Yes, absolutely! :)



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About Stralizer



Template Designs

Available template designs (currently 7 designs):

  1. Stralizer One by Stralizer
  2. Pacer Holic by Stralizer
  3. Lightning Road by Stralizer
  4. Darken Road by Stralizer
  5. Untold Story by Stralizer
  6. Two-Thirds by Stralizer
  7. Full Frame by Stralizer

Known Issues

As you know, I can’t test it in all phones. So if it can’t work for your phone, just uninstall it, I’m sorry to waste your time. You also can send a mail stralizerapp[at] to let me know your phone model, if I solve it, I will let you know.