Stralizer FAQ

What dimensions will produce for Stralizer graphics?

Dimensions of the graphics will be produced by based on your screeen device. You can check the dimensions in Design Menu.

I have a design idea, can I contribute?

What? Do you have a design idea? Cool, it’s time to show your design to the world! Reach me, write to stralizerapp[at] You can write to me in English or Bahasa Indonesia (preferred, if you know the language).

What is Strava access token?

Access tokens are used by Stralizer to obtain Strava resources on behalf of the authenticated user.

Can I log in to my Strava account on multiple devices?

No. The same account cannot be used on multiple devices. Only one Strava account can be used per device. If you login the same Strava account on a different device, the account on your previous device will automatically be logged out and you will no longer be able to use it.

What Strava public profile will be read?

Stralizer will read your name only.

How long does Stralizer App retain activity cache?

The Stralizer App will store (cache) some activity data onto your device in 1 hour, you can check at main menu (Stralizer App Menu).

How to completely revoke Stralizer to access my Strava data?

To revoke access to an application, please visit your Strava settings at any time (Strava Settings » My Apps).

Is it always be FREE?

Yes, of course! I love FREE software.

Are you in Instagram?

Follow me @stralizerapp, hastag #stralizer

Comments, issues and suggestions?

Check this out: Stralizer Discussion