Palapa Web Server - Lighttpd + PHP + MySQL + MSMTP for Android - FREE!

Archived! Sorry, this app has been shut down and discontinued due to technical problems


Palapa Web ServerThe popular PHP development package for Android that can be launched in one touch, a suite of web developer and far better than other Server packages. The package includes the Lighttpd web server, PHP, MySQL, and MSMTP. It’s turn your devices based Android into a web and database server, suitable for building dynamic web sites. PWS v 2.0.0 or later support for devices that use ARM & Intel (x86) processor.

Why Palapa Web Server?

Easy installation, everything is pre-configured, low memory consumption, low CPU usage, capable of serving requests simultaneously, not need a root access, and completely free of charge.

Why Is It Free?

I love FREE software! :)




Download Palapa Web Server for FREE on Google Play Store

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PWS in Action


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Known Issues

As you know, compatibility issue is a big problem of Android phone, I can’t test it in all phones. So if it can’t work for your phone, just uninstall it, I’m sorry to waste your time. You also can send a mail to let me know your phone model, if I solve it, I will let you know.


Action Bar Icon Pack, jQuery, Lighttpd, PHP, MySQL, MSMTP, phpMyAdmin, etc.