Palapa Web Server FAQ

Archived! Sorry, this app has been shut down and discontinued due to technical problems

Where is the default document root (htdocs) folder for Palapa Web Server?

WWW folder is /sdcard/pws/www/.

What is the default URL for the web?

You can use or http://localhost:8080.

What is the default URL for the Web Admin?

You can use or http://localhost:9999.

What is the default username and password for the Web Admin?

Username and password is admin.

What is the default username and password for the MySQL?

Username is root and password is adminadmin.

Default username and password for the MySQL doesn’t work, how to fix it?

Try to reset MySQL User table from Database Settings page, password will be blank.

Where is the default phpMyAdmin folder for Palapa Web Server?

phpMyAdmin folder is /sdcard/pws/phpmyadmin/.

Where should I place my web content?

The main directory for all WWW documents is /sdcard/pws/www/. If you put a file hello.php in this directory, you can access it with the URI

Where can I change the configuration?

Almost all settings in PWS is pre-configured, but you can change it easily from the application settings page.

Why have changes in configurations not taken effect?

After changing the configurations you have to restart Web/Database server service.

How can I set a root password in MySQL?

The easiest way is to use the phpMyAdmin, open and login first to phpMyAdmin area with default username & password, and then navigate to SQL tab and execute this commands:

SET PASSWORD FOR root@ = PASSWORD('your_password_here');
SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost = PASSWORD('your_password_here');


How to run web server on Port 80?

It’s require rooted device! First, open “Web Server Settings” page and “enable” the Use Root Access. Second, open “Lighttpd Configurations” page and change the Port to 80.

Is it always be FREE?

Yes, of course! I love FREE software, in-app purchases label are merely just a way to donate.

Comments, issues and suggestions?

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