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Move to Static Website with Hexo

For most of its life, this web has run on Wordpress, but it’s the right time to migrate from Wordpress blog engine to another. My primary reason is maintenance, Wordpress is painful as hell to maintenance like upgrading core, upgrading plugins, and maintaining a database too (especialy spam comments). So, I decided to stop using Wordpress and move to Hexo - a static site generator powered by Node.js. Static site generators are ideal for my web because it’s a fast, simple and flexible.

Why Static Website?

  • Speed
    I like my website more, since they load faster
  • Backup
    The source, post, page, and other stuff got full backup on my local drive
  • Security
    It’s a static HTML webpage, there are no logins to protect
  • Simple and Flexible
    I only need a simple web server to host the static files and easily move to another web hoster

Why Hexo?

  • Blazing Fast
    Hundreds of files take only seconds to generate
  • Use Markdown
    I can use my favorite text editor "Notepad++" to edit my blog posts
  • Various Plugins
    Hexo has a lot of powerful plugins
  • Integrated Syntax Highlighting
    Syntax highlighting for my source code examples
  • Node.js Based
    Cross-platform, it works on OSX, Windows and Linux (and maybe Android)

Migration to Hexo

I create and use my own theme (plugin too), this way I can learn about Hexo. My own theme support mobile devices by a responsive design. All my Wordpress posts and pages is converted manually! Again, because I can learn in-depth more about Hexo. Since its a static page, I needed to host my comments offsite and I choose the most popular comment system, Disqus.

$ npm install hexo -g

There are a lot of new blogging platform looks very sexy and interesting, but I’m married to Hexo!