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Converting "LOVE" Into Computer Code

Install Firefox OS Desktop Builds on CentOS 64 Bit

Firefox OS is a Mobile OS, original name is Boot to Gecko (B2G). Firefox OS is an open source operating system in development by Mozilla. What is Firefox OS anyway and how is it different compared to other platforms (Android and iOS)? Firefox OS a new fully open mobile ecosystem based on HTML5 with open web standards and it is programmed in C++ and JavaScript. They want to make an OS where every application is written in HTML5 and CSS. It has a hardware abstraction layer which is codenamed Gonk. It uses platform independent Javascript APIs for different functions like SMS, camera, and bluetooth. It also has platform independent system apps like lock screen, phone dialer which are all written in HTML5. The user interface of Firefox OS is called Gaia. All that appeares on the screen after the boot up has some or the other part made of Gaia.

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